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8 May 2011

Rainy Summer Monday Morning

It's the day I dread the most in a week, and it happens to be a rainy one. When I got ready to leave, instead of stepping out in open-toed flats or sandals, I had to go through my closet for my thickest wool jacket in anticipation of our office's subzero air condition units. Really, it's a double whammy when you compare today to the lyrics of a song that go, "Rainy days and Mondays always get me down." But what's a girl to do when faced with days like these? 

Put on your favorite boots, that's what! 

So I brought out my favorite, most comfortable (in an I-can-walk-all-day-long-in-them way) leather boots and wore them to work today.

This was another great and surprising find from my trip to Hong Kong in December of 2009. I happened to come across a Cotton On branch along Granville Road and, surprise of surprises, the whole shop was on sale. 
This was the last pair of boots in my size (coincidentally, Cooky and I have the same shoe size, so we can share shoes) and they were being sold for 50% off. So I bought them for a grand total of just PhP 600 (HKD 100, USD 13). Whether I pair these with skinny jeans or shorts, and a loose top or faux-winter wear (since we live in the tropics anyway), they're a great accessory to have. 

Do you have a pair of favorite boots? What's the story behind it?

♥, Tin


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