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25 May 2011

High on Heels

22 May 2011

No Fear

Have you guys ever been afraid of the future? Uncertain of where you were headed? Well that happened to me this week... and this is what I learned...

You realize you're afraid.
You stare that fear down.
Then you kick it in the face!

Best reminder I got was that with God, we have nothing to fear. He always has our back ;)

This look shows a different side to me, specifically my hip hop self. Gotta be proud of who I am!

New Parisian Collection Is Out!

The Parisian collection that was showcased during Philippine Fashion Week is officially out. I saw these gorgeous shoes for my own eyes, and my mouth watered. A feast for the eyes.

The price for a pair is really affordable. Some are PhP 999, while others are a little bit more pricy at PhP 1,300. Still, good prices for such pretty shoes. And the quality is good. I can attest to that. And oh, I overheard the sales lady talking to a customer saying that the size she was asking for was out of stock. I have a feeling these babies will go fast, so... what are you waiting for?? Go get yourself a pair! :D

♥ Cooky

19 May 2011

What I'm Lovin Now: Aldo

Took a trip to Bonifacio High Street recently and checked out Aldo. I seriously fell in love with their shoes and accessories. I've always loved this brand, but there's something about their current collection that really caught my eye. If only I could, I would have grabbed every single item there and ran out the door :D

I especially love their floral and ethnic print pieces. When I get a job and get my first paycheck, I'm going to treat myself to a pair of Aldo shoes... and maybe a ring or pair of earrings or two ;)

♥ Cooky

18 May 2011

Summer Lovin, Happened So Fast

As promised, styled the floppy hat and yellow flats my sister and I got one weekend :) They're perfect together for a simple summer look!

16 May 2011

Fashion Travelogue: Under the Sun

Tin and I recently took a trip to Camarines Sur this weekend with family and friends. Cam Sur is famous for its Watersports Complex (CWC), a resort where you can go wake boarding, swimming, and go through a water obstacles course called Lago. Aside from this, Cam Sur has many other beautiful spots to see. And we were lucky enough to discover this gorgeous virgin island, with a white sand beach.

The sun was scorching hot during the entire trip, so of course there was no better place to be than in the water. We did a lot of walking (and even rock climbing) which wasn't exactly very comfortable. Some people say that you have to sacrifice comfort for fashion. I admit, sometimes this does hold true, especially for us girls with our towering heels, but not all the time. I've always believed in putting together outfits that have that balance of fashion and comfort. Looking good is great, but you have to feel good in what you're wearing too.

So I learned a thing or two about what to wear while under the sun, and engaging in more physical activities. First of all, when you pack for a trip such as this, be prepared to bring some athletic gear that may not exactly look glamorous, but does the job. Board shorts and rash guards are best for wake boarding and other water sports. I'd suggest bringing aqua shoes as well, especially for swimming by falls as these areas tend to be very rocky and slippery. These pieces may not necessarily match (especially in color) if you buy them separately, so color clashes may be inevitable. But hey, playful colors are great under the sun!

Loose tops are good to wear. They're breezy and keep you a little bit cooler while under the heat. It's good to pair these with basic denims for a chill look. Summer dresses are great as well. Long, mid or short, they look great with a nice summer hat (I personally love those with big print bows). Hats are very in this season, and you can find them in several stores and boutiques. And these don't just look good. They keep from squinting as well-- keep your eyes shielded from the sun's glare. For footwear, don't be afraid to go simple by wearing flip flops. They're the most convenient to wear while on the sand and even in water. You can take them out easily, and they dry up fast. Of course you can opt to wear sandals and flats as well. Nice bright colors and floral prints are great to wear in the beach.

Swimwear really all depends on your body shape. You can choose to go one-piece, tankini or bikini, depending on what you're comfy wearing. I used to think one-piece swimsuits were corny, but there are so many new designs and shapes to choose from now. Pick the one that best fits your body. Different styles highlight different parts of your body (chest, butt, waist and curves, etc.) so top pick would be the one that allows you to flaunt you ASSets (if you know what I mean ;D). Don't be afraid to explore and try out different styles until you find one that fits you just right. Experiment with different colors and prints too. I'd suggest having at least one or two in basic colors such as black, white or brown. Then you can go for bolder, brighter colors and designs. Most important thing is that you feel good and aren't afraid to show it! Add a good pair of sunnies/shades to complete the look, and you're good to go! :)

Tin and I with our brothers. Meet CJ (left) and Chuck (right)!
Dressing up for the beach is fun. There are so many different looks you can go for. But don't forget, you never have to sacrifice comfort for fashion. These two go hand in hand. It's all about putting the right pieces together. That way, you can look good and feel good under the sun!

Happy Summer everyone!

♥ Cooky (and Tin)

A Brush With Philippine Fashion Week

Two weeks had already gone by, and I was still trying to get a ticket to this year's Philippine Fashion Week. This event is when all the Who's Who in the fashion industry come together to showcase their upcoming collections-- both designers and brands alike. 

Finally, I got guest listed to the Luxwear show this coming Friday, but alas, I will be out of town this weekend. My new-found fashionista then texted, asking if I wanted to go with him to another show, but still on Friday. My heart broke. I thought all hope was lost when salvation came in the form of a spontaneous text from my fashion buddy. She invited me go with her to the SM show that very day. Ecstatic, I of course said yes! So I literally sped and took a detour to the house, grabbed an outfit with matching accessories and make up in less than 5 minutes (literally the fastest outfit I put together, which is ironic, because it was for Fashion Week!) and rushed to go to my job interview which I was on my way to. 

My friend and I arrived at the SMX Convention a bit too early, so we decided to grab some coffee, relax (sitting was a non-negotiable as we were both in heels), and take in the sights and sounds of the scene. And boy did we see gorgeous things... or should I say, people. ;)

Me and my friend, Teri :)

We had the best view of this gorgeous European model <3

The show was to start at 5:30. By that time, the line outside the door was pretty long. It wasn't too bad to stand in line though. I enjoyed looking around, seeing (and admiring) what people were wearing.

This pair caught my eye with their matching loud red attire :)
Display of Parisian's new and upcoming collection

After some time, the line finally got moving and we entered the function room. It was my first time to see an actual runway. To make things sweeter, we got good seats-- 2nd row, right behind designers. Glorious. My eyes grew big with pure excitement. I looked towards the runway and saw these long, skinny, gorgeous models who were already there posing. They looked like the mannequins you see on window displays. With the playing of music, the show finally started. Unfortunately (and to my dismay and horror), my camera died. I tried desperately to resuscitate it, but to no avail. And so, I resorted to taking note of the collections' details while of course enjoying a close-up view of the shoes, clothes, AND the models ;)

The Parisian collection consisted of Muted Neutrals, Plain Brights and Printed Brights. These came mainly in heels and wedges. 

The Men's Wear collection began with a bang as the first model strutted down the runway shirtless, showing off his tanned, built body. (For a moment there, the audience (including myself) probably didn't even notice what he was wearing ;p) The collection showcased a preppy + street style pairing, mixing knit sweaters and berets with edgy sneakers. Bright-colored tops and bottoms stood out, and color blocking was the main highlight of the collection. Stripes and plaid were present as well. They ended with a formal/corporate + casual color fusion, with models wearing a basic bright undershirt (usually a V-neck) with a suit and leather shoes. 

Women's wear started off with long and flowy dresses in muted colors (white and beige), as well as earth tones. Jump suits, Greek-inspired dresses, maxi skirts, blazers, high-waist and harem pants were highlighted. Printed rompers, tribal prints, and summer dresses were also featured. Similar to the men's wear, color blocking was the favorite. Loud and bright color pairing caught everyone's eye. Rich colors of pink, green, purple, aqua, orange, blue and maroon filled the room. It was a beautiful sight. 

The show definitely deserved an applause. I loved the designs, and I left that room excited to get my hands on a piece of those collections. Overall, the entire experience was pure enjoyment. My first taste of Philippine Fashion Week was really very memorable. It was an event that made me fall in love with the art of fashion all over again. I met new people  and saw friends who have a like-mind and love for fashion as I do. I was very thankful to simply be there.

With my new friends from SOFA :)

I definitely look forward to watching other shows next time, and to making an appearance in next year's affair. Oh, I and I highly encourage you all to check out SM's new collection. You're sure to love it. I know I did! ;)

♥ Cooky

15 May 2011

A Floral Encounter

F21 Takes The Stage in A Holographic Fashion Show

Forever 21 revolutionizing the runway by taking fashion to the next level. The magic of fashion and technology. Pure genius. 

Maybe someday, we can do something like this in Philippine Fashion Week. :D

12 May 2011

Half and Half

My outfit for Philippine Fashion Week. Styled in quite a rush. I'm happy it turned out well  ;)

10 May 2011

Missing The Chills

8 May 2011

Lookbook for a Cause

Lookbook Supports Japan! ($1 per hype)

Picture credit to http://www.fashionsalade.com/mellowmayoness/

From the LB admin: "We were so proud when we saw that a group of LB members decided to come together this weekend to show their continued support for the victims of Japan's recent earthquakes and tsunamis."

To support this worthy cause, LB will be donating $1 for every hype each look receives. :) More looks have been added. You can check them out, as well as updates here: http://lookbook.nu/log/192-LB-Supports-Japan-1-per-HYPE-

Lookbook is definitely more than just collective fashion consciousness. This shows that fashion is indeed a powerful tool to make a statement and support a cause. Let us continue to pray for the victims of Japan and for the country's rebuilding and growth.

With you in prayer,

Rainy Summer Monday Morning

It's the day I dread the most in a week, and it happens to be a rainy one. When I got ready to leave, instead of stepping out in open-toed flats or sandals, I had to go through my closet for my thickest wool jacket in anticipation of our office's subzero air condition units. Really, it's a double whammy when you compare today to the lyrics of a song that go, "Rainy days and Mondays always get me down." But what's a girl to do when faced with days like these? 

Put on your favorite boots, that's what! 

So I brought out my favorite, most comfortable (in an I-can-walk-all-day-long-in-them way) leather boots and wore them to work today.

This was another great and surprising find from my trip to Hong Kong in December of 2009. I happened to come across a Cotton On branch along Granville Road and, surprise of surprises, the whole shop was on sale. 
This was the last pair of boots in my size (coincidentally, Cooky and I have the same shoe size, so we can share shoes) and they were being sold for 50% off. So I bought them for a grand total of just PhP 600 (HKD 100, USD 13). Whether I pair these with skinny jeans or shorts, and a loose top or faux-winter wear (since we live in the tropics anyway), they're a great accessory to have. 

Do you have a pair of favorite boots? What's the story behind it?

♥, Tin

Color My Cloudy Skies

A Match Made in Summer Heaven

I've found that mixing more high end pieces with basics does just the trick. This weekend, my sister and I treated ourselves to summer buys. Yesterday, she found these yellow flats with a woven sole and ribbon accent from our ever-beloved SM Department Store. Today, my family and I took a side trip to Marks & Spencer after our Worship service at Eastwood mall. I found this gorgeous hat with a leopard print bow.

Yellow Parisian Flats. PhP 300.

Marks & Spencer Woven Hat with Leopard Print Bow. PhP 1,000.

What was great about these items were that they were both on SALE! More than that, they were the last pieces available. It was a match made in heaven! High end pieces + basics are indeed a great combination. After all, when you put them all together, who would know which is which? It's all about how you carry the look!

I'll be styling these two pieces into a nice summer look soon. Maybe when the sun comes out again :) Til then!

♥, Cooky (with Tin)

Photography Niche

I've always had artistic inclinations. When I was younger, I was either drawing or writing. At nine, I wrote my first novel on my aunt's computer (back when Word Star was still everyone's word processor of choice), then proceeded to delete it when I thought it wouldn't be a Pulitzer Prize winner.

Now that I'm part of the workforce as a writer for an advertising agency, I continue to find ways to keep my artistic juices flowing. Six years ago, I discovered photography and inherited an uncle's Canon EOS Rebel. I would bring it almost everywhere I went in the hopes of finding my photography niche. At first, I thought that I was more of a landscape "photographer"; I was addicted to finding the right kind of lighting, capturing ranges of colors, creating postcard-worthy images. I also tried food photography, often bringing my camera into restaurants and stopping people in the middle of their sentences just so I could take a picture of the food on their plates.

Then I discovered the world of portraiture. I would practice on family members, friends, and commissioned subjects. I realized that I had a knack for capturing people's emotions during the most unexpected and surprising of moments.

When my sister and I decided to work on this blog together, we decided to combine our strengths: her penchant for fashion and my love for photography.

Hopefully this blog can help people realize that fashion doesn't have to cost you an arm and a leg – you just have to know where to look and how to put things together.

♥, Tin

The Economics of Fashion

A little story behind the creation of this blog: I've always been a fan of big brands such as Topshop, Zara, Mango, Forever21, and the like. Thing is, my wallet's not thick enough to carry such labels in my closet all the time. There are times when I have to be content admiring the window displays or simply browsing through their gorgeous items. Yes, it does  me down, but that never stopped me. 

Being an Economics graduate, I've learned a thing or two about consumption or spending. One of the most basic, but truest facts of life is that, "There's no such thing as a free lunch." In other words, nothing in this world is free (well, at least anything material). Second, consumers (that's us!) have unlimited wants that must be met. But of course, the truth to the matter is that resources are scarce. And that's why we have Economics in the first place. 

We all want to maximize our utility. That is, we all want to be satisfied to the fullest. And how do we do that? We consume. Put simply, we buy things, we shop. Yes, we shop. And for fashionistas out there such as myself, we like to shop.... a lot. But there's a catch. We're limited by what our wallet (or bank account) can take. We consume but with a budget. And yes, that's a limitation, but that doesn't mean we have to sacrifice style. In fact, I believe that style doesn't even come with a price tag. It isn't bought. It's your own thing, it's what you make it. There are tons of treasure troves out there filled with amazing and unique finds, waiting to be discovered. And I'm an adventurous explorer always on the hunt for the best buys. 

This blog will be my way of sharing those fashion adventures with you. I'll be sharing tips and tricks on styling that I've been learning along the way as well. I don't claim to be any fashion expert of sorts. It's something that I simply love, a passion, and a goal for the future. 

Fashion has always excited me, and I firmly believe that it is an art. Many people would beg to differ saying that it's pure vanity and materialism, but I'd rebut and say that it's a true form of self-expression and an investment at that. 

Fashion IS accessible. So let's explore. I can't wait. ;)

♥, Cooky