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14 Aug 2011

Sunday Sisters

Celebrating our Church's 27th Anniversary in style. Taken with my sister's Blackberry and edited with her Iphone. Isn't technology amazing? We can take and edit pictures just about anywhere already :D

Happy Sunday, everyone!

♥ Cooky and Tin

13 Aug 2011


7 Aug 2011

These Magic Little Heel Pads

If you're like me, then you've had your share of bruises and discomfort from your heel rubbing against the back of a closed shoe. Back in college, I took several trips to the Infirmary just to ask for a Band Aid, because I couldn't take the pain :l I mean, skin peeling off is not exactly a joy.

But then, I eventually discovered a simple, and much more permanent solution to this problem. Heel Pads. These are little cushions that you stick to the back of the shoe so that it doesn't hurt when your foot rubs against it. These are available in Watsons (which is where I always get them), but are also now available in Department Stores and some shoe shops. Scholl is the brand that has this, and one pack (a pair of heel grips) costs about PhP 190. It's a bit expensive, but it lasts long and really makes walking with closed shoes a lot more comfortable. Watsons has their own version, which is cheaper, but rarely available. There is also one that comes in gel form, but I don't recommend it, because the stick isn't as good, and the gel gets thinner, which make the padding pretty much useless.

Scholl Heel Grips (one pair/pack)

Felt-like cushion stickers

Stick it to the back part of the shoe (long side on top)

And you're done! Good bye, pain!

 All my flat shoes have this. It really does the trick! Haven't had skin peeling, bruises or pain problems since I discovered this. Go and try it! You'll spare yourself from having to look for an emergency Band Aid somewhere :D

♥ Cooky

28 Jul 2011

Ed Westwick: The New Face of Penshoppe

I'm not really a huge fan of Ed Westwick.... to me he will always be the scheming Chuck Bass >:) But hey, he's giving Penshoppe a new face, which I think is really good coz the brand does need a revamp. 

 And as an endorser, he's got it down.... smouldering eyes and everything ;)

24 Jul 2011

Never Too Old

17 Jul 2011

London Lovin'

About this Look: "London Lovin"

One my biggest fashion icons would have to be Duchess Catherine, the former Kate Middleton, whose style is absolutely classy, chic, and polished. She always looks gorgeous, no matter what she's wearing. Picture perfect at every moment. True royalty.

She is my inspiration for this London look I put together. 

I paired a simple, but elegant dress with classic black pumps, and topped it off with a big, floppy hat. 

When I think of London, I imagine having a tea party.

Dress from Topshop. Hat made and bought locally from Quezon. Black pumps from Wade.

Another thing about this look is that most of what I'm wearing was actually just given to me as gifts! I only bought the black pumps. The pink dress (which is actually my very first Topshop piece to own) was given to me as a birthday gift from some of my closest friends. The hat, would you believe, came from Quezon, during the Pahiyas Festival. My dear friend got it for me as a souvenir :) It's locally made, and I think it's gorgeous. Who says Pinoy products aren't top quality? I think it's London worthy!

Someday, I dream of walking the streets of London wearing something like this. And who knows.... maybe have a spot of tea or two ;)

♥ Cooky