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28 Jul 2011

Ed Westwick: The New Face of Penshoppe

I'm not really a huge fan of Ed Westwick.... to me he will always be the scheming Chuck Bass >:) But hey, he's giving Penshoppe a new face, which I think is really good coz the brand does need a revamp. 

 And as an endorser, he's got it down.... smouldering eyes and everything ;)

24 Jul 2011

Never Too Old

17 Jul 2011

London Lovin'

About this Look: "London Lovin"

One my biggest fashion icons would have to be Duchess Catherine, the former Kate Middleton, whose style is absolutely classy, chic, and polished. She always looks gorgeous, no matter what she's wearing. Picture perfect at every moment. True royalty.

She is my inspiration for this London look I put together. 

I paired a simple, but elegant dress with classic black pumps, and topped it off with a big, floppy hat. 

When I think of London, I imagine having a tea party.

Dress from Topshop. Hat made and bought locally from Quezon. Black pumps from Wade.

Another thing about this look is that most of what I'm wearing was actually just given to me as gifts! I only bought the black pumps. The pink dress (which is actually my very first Topshop piece to own) was given to me as a birthday gift from some of my closest friends. The hat, would you believe, came from Quezon, during the Pahiyas Festival. My dear friend got it for me as a souvenir :) It's locally made, and I think it's gorgeous. Who says Pinoy products aren't top quality? I think it's London worthy!

Someday, I dream of walking the streets of London wearing something like this. And who knows.... maybe have a spot of tea or two ;)

♥ Cooky

About this Look: "Ruffles and Pleats"

I wanted to go for a more elegant feel with this look, while still keeping it fun. That's why I decided to pair the white ruffled top and the salmon-colored electric pleated trousers (more formal) with the floral wedges (fresh!) :) This look is also a product of my mid-year sale escapades. 

The wide-legged trousers from Topshop were half off, cutting the price down to PhP 1,200.
The floral wedges from Aldo were also on sale, and I got them for PhP 2,800 (from about 4k!)

Two great pieces from two great brands at really good prices! :) It's times like these when
Patience really is a virtue. It pays to wait a while til shops go on sale... then you score really great finds and manage to save some money ;) 

♥ Cooky

15 Jul 2011

Paint My Nails! I'm Lovin' Orly Nail Polish

I just came from my favorite nail salon in Katipunan called Enza. For all those around the area, I highly suggest you try it out. It's located near KFC, across My Place, the dorm. I went with my friend there once to try it out, and ever since, that's where I've been going to get my nails done :)

It's just a small place, real quaint. The ambiance is pleasant and relaxing, perfect for de-stressing. Everyone there is real nice too :) Friendly and fun to talk to. The best thing about it is that you get great value for your money. Their Mani-Pedi is only PhP 290, and that already comes with their special Orly nail polish. The price is cheaper if you opt to use regular nail polish. Using Orly is an extra PhP 60.

Orly has got to be my favorite nail polish brand now, coz it has great colors and textures. That is, they have nail polish with a matte finish. It's the first time I ever tried this kind, and I must say, it has a great and unique look! Nothing like the ones I've tried on before. Orly's also of really good quality. It can go to about 2 weeks without being chipped :)

Today in my visit, I was really happy to find the exact color I wanted to paint my finger nails-- a salmon shade which I am quite addicted to right now. Apparently it just arrived. Perfect timing! Happiness! To top it all off, after my mani and pedi, I got a free back massage (for filling up my loyalty card) which I must say, was divine. Heaven oh heaven.

I'm real happy with how the polish turned out. I'm just loving the matte finish on my toe nails, and the pretty salmon color on my finger nails <3 

Salmon color on my finger nails, bronze matte finish on my toe nails

Other colors I'll try out next time!

♥ Cooky

14 Jul 2011

Ruffles and Pleats

8 Jul 2011

Hello, Aldo!

So remember I said I'd get a piece from the summer Aldo collection I fell in love with? Well today, I finally did!

I was in luck, because before going back home from my Mom's birthday lunch at Greenbelt, we took a little detour and checked out the Aldo sale. I remember really wanting to get the floral pumps I saw before. And yes, they were on sale. Buuut sadly, they didn't have it in my size (their biggest was a size 9 which STILL didn't fit my feet. Oh why oh why must my feet be so HUGE.) I looked around some more, and saw a pair with the same floral design, but were wedges. So strange, because with this pair, size 9 was too big. The size 8 fit just right :D Since they only had one pair in that size, I called it destiny and brought these babies home. 

Yes, they may be "out of season", but you know how fashion is.... it fades, but always comes back! And besides, I think floral shoes are a pretty good staple piece to have in your closet :)

So here they are :D From about Php 4,000 I got these for PhP 2,800. Not bad for a pair of Aldo shoes. Happiness!