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17 Jul 2011

About this Look: "Ruffles and Pleats"

I wanted to go for a more elegant feel with this look, while still keeping it fun. That's why I decided to pair the white ruffled top and the salmon-colored electric pleated trousers (more formal) with the floral wedges (fresh!) :) This look is also a product of my mid-year sale escapades. 

The wide-legged trousers from Topshop were half off, cutting the price down to PhP 1,200.
The floral wedges from Aldo were also on sale, and I got them for PhP 2,800 (from about 4k!)

Two great pieces from two great brands at really good prices! :) It's times like these when
Patience really is a virtue. It pays to wait a while til shops go on sale... then you score really great finds and manage to save some money ;) 

♥ Cooky


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