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15 Jul 2011

Paint My Nails! I'm Lovin' Orly Nail Polish

I just came from my favorite nail salon in Katipunan called Enza. For all those around the area, I highly suggest you try it out. It's located near KFC, across My Place, the dorm. I went with my friend there once to try it out, and ever since, that's where I've been going to get my nails done :)

It's just a small place, real quaint. The ambiance is pleasant and relaxing, perfect for de-stressing. Everyone there is real nice too :) Friendly and fun to talk to. The best thing about it is that you get great value for your money. Their Mani-Pedi is only PhP 290, and that already comes with their special Orly nail polish. The price is cheaper if you opt to use regular nail polish. Using Orly is an extra PhP 60.

Orly has got to be my favorite nail polish brand now, coz it has great colors and textures. That is, they have nail polish with a matte finish. It's the first time I ever tried this kind, and I must say, it has a great and unique look! Nothing like the ones I've tried on before. Orly's also of really good quality. It can go to about 2 weeks without being chipped :)

Today in my visit, I was really happy to find the exact color I wanted to paint my finger nails-- a salmon shade which I am quite addicted to right now. Apparently it just arrived. Perfect timing! Happiness! To top it all off, after my mani and pedi, I got a free back massage (for filling up my loyalty card) which I must say, was divine. Heaven oh heaven.

I'm real happy with how the polish turned out. I'm just loving the matte finish on my toe nails, and the pretty salmon color on my finger nails <3 

Salmon color on my finger nails, bronze matte finish on my toe nails

Other colors I'll try out next time!

♥ Cooky


tinaaraneta said...

Unfair, you went on a mani-pedi spree without me! </3

Props to ME for discovering that brand in the first place. Mwahaha! I should start buying colors for us to use at home and just bring to the salons when we have our nails done. ;)

Cooks and Tin said...

I agree!! :D Orly collection!

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