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8 Jul 2011

Hello, Aldo!

So remember I said I'd get a piece from the summer Aldo collection I fell in love with? Well today, I finally did!

I was in luck, because before going back home from my Mom's birthday lunch at Greenbelt, we took a little detour and checked out the Aldo sale. I remember really wanting to get the floral pumps I saw before. And yes, they were on sale. Buuut sadly, they didn't have it in my size (their biggest was a size 9 which STILL didn't fit my feet. Oh why oh why must my feet be so HUGE.) I looked around some more, and saw a pair with the same floral design, but were wedges. So strange, because with this pair, size 9 was too big. The size 8 fit just right :D Since they only had one pair in that size, I called it destiny and brought these babies home. 

Yes, they may be "out of season", but you know how fashion is.... it fades, but always comes back! And besides, I think floral shoes are a pretty good staple piece to have in your closet :)

So here they are :D From about Php 4,000 I got these for PhP 2,800. Not bad for a pair of Aldo shoes. Happiness!


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