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8 May 2011

Photography Niche

I've always had artistic inclinations. When I was younger, I was either drawing or writing. At nine, I wrote my first novel on my aunt's computer (back when Word Star was still everyone's word processor of choice), then proceeded to delete it when I thought it wouldn't be a Pulitzer Prize winner.

Now that I'm part of the workforce as a writer for an advertising agency, I continue to find ways to keep my artistic juices flowing. Six years ago, I discovered photography and inherited an uncle's Canon EOS Rebel. I would bring it almost everywhere I went in the hopes of finding my photography niche. At first, I thought that I was more of a landscape "photographer"; I was addicted to finding the right kind of lighting, capturing ranges of colors, creating postcard-worthy images. I also tried food photography, often bringing my camera into restaurants and stopping people in the middle of their sentences just so I could take a picture of the food on their plates.

Then I discovered the world of portraiture. I would practice on family members, friends, and commissioned subjects. I realized that I had a knack for capturing people's emotions during the most unexpected and surprising of moments.

When my sister and I decided to work on this blog together, we decided to combine our strengths: her penchant for fashion and my love for photography.

Hopefully this blog can help people realize that fashion doesn't have to cost you an arm and a leg – you just have to know where to look and how to put things together.

♥, Tin


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