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16 May 2011

Fashion Travelogue: Under the Sun

Tin and I recently took a trip to Camarines Sur this weekend with family and friends. Cam Sur is famous for its Watersports Complex (CWC), a resort where you can go wake boarding, swimming, and go through a water obstacles course called Lago. Aside from this, Cam Sur has many other beautiful spots to see. And we were lucky enough to discover this gorgeous virgin island, with a white sand beach.

The sun was scorching hot during the entire trip, so of course there was no better place to be than in the water. We did a lot of walking (and even rock climbing) which wasn't exactly very comfortable. Some people say that you have to sacrifice comfort for fashion. I admit, sometimes this does hold true, especially for us girls with our towering heels, but not all the time. I've always believed in putting together outfits that have that balance of fashion and comfort. Looking good is great, but you have to feel good in what you're wearing too.

So I learned a thing or two about what to wear while under the sun, and engaging in more physical activities. First of all, when you pack for a trip such as this, be prepared to bring some athletic gear that may not exactly look glamorous, but does the job. Board shorts and rash guards are best for wake boarding and other water sports. I'd suggest bringing aqua shoes as well, especially for swimming by falls as these areas tend to be very rocky and slippery. These pieces may not necessarily match (especially in color) if you buy them separately, so color clashes may be inevitable. But hey, playful colors are great under the sun!

Loose tops are good to wear. They're breezy and keep you a little bit cooler while under the heat. It's good to pair these with basic denims for a chill look. Summer dresses are great as well. Long, mid or short, they look great with a nice summer hat (I personally love those with big print bows). Hats are very in this season, and you can find them in several stores and boutiques. And these don't just look good. They keep from squinting as well-- keep your eyes shielded from the sun's glare. For footwear, don't be afraid to go simple by wearing flip flops. They're the most convenient to wear while on the sand and even in water. You can take them out easily, and they dry up fast. Of course you can opt to wear sandals and flats as well. Nice bright colors and floral prints are great to wear in the beach.

Swimwear really all depends on your body shape. You can choose to go one-piece, tankini or bikini, depending on what you're comfy wearing. I used to think one-piece swimsuits were corny, but there are so many new designs and shapes to choose from now. Pick the one that best fits your body. Different styles highlight different parts of your body (chest, butt, waist and curves, etc.) so top pick would be the one that allows you to flaunt you ASSets (if you know what I mean ;D). Don't be afraid to explore and try out different styles until you find one that fits you just right. Experiment with different colors and prints too. I'd suggest having at least one or two in basic colors such as black, white or brown. Then you can go for bolder, brighter colors and designs. Most important thing is that you feel good and aren't afraid to show it! Add a good pair of sunnies/shades to complete the look, and you're good to go! :)

Tin and I with our brothers. Meet CJ (left) and Chuck (right)!
Dressing up for the beach is fun. There are so many different looks you can go for. But don't forget, you never have to sacrifice comfort for fashion. These two go hand in hand. It's all about putting the right pieces together. That way, you can look good and feel good under the sun!

Happy Summer everyone!

♥ Cooky (and Tin)


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