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16 May 2011

A Brush With Philippine Fashion Week

Two weeks had already gone by, and I was still trying to get a ticket to this year's Philippine Fashion Week. This event is when all the Who's Who in the fashion industry come together to showcase their upcoming collections-- both designers and brands alike. 

Finally, I got guest listed to the Luxwear show this coming Friday, but alas, I will be out of town this weekend. My new-found fashionista then texted, asking if I wanted to go with him to another show, but still on Friday. My heart broke. I thought all hope was lost when salvation came in the form of a spontaneous text from my fashion buddy. She invited me go with her to the SM show that very day. Ecstatic, I of course said yes! So I literally sped and took a detour to the house, grabbed an outfit with matching accessories and make up in less than 5 minutes (literally the fastest outfit I put together, which is ironic, because it was for Fashion Week!) and rushed to go to my job interview which I was on my way to. 

My friend and I arrived at the SMX Convention a bit too early, so we decided to grab some coffee, relax (sitting was a non-negotiable as we were both in heels), and take in the sights and sounds of the scene. And boy did we see gorgeous things... or should I say, people. ;)

Me and my friend, Teri :)

We had the best view of this gorgeous European model <3

The show was to start at 5:30. By that time, the line outside the door was pretty long. It wasn't too bad to stand in line though. I enjoyed looking around, seeing (and admiring) what people were wearing.

This pair caught my eye with their matching loud red attire :)
Display of Parisian's new and upcoming collection

After some time, the line finally got moving and we entered the function room. It was my first time to see an actual runway. To make things sweeter, we got good seats-- 2nd row, right behind designers. Glorious. My eyes grew big with pure excitement. I looked towards the runway and saw these long, skinny, gorgeous models who were already there posing. They looked like the mannequins you see on window displays. With the playing of music, the show finally started. Unfortunately (and to my dismay and horror), my camera died. I tried desperately to resuscitate it, but to no avail. And so, I resorted to taking note of the collections' details while of course enjoying a close-up view of the shoes, clothes, AND the models ;)

The Parisian collection consisted of Muted Neutrals, Plain Brights and Printed Brights. These came mainly in heels and wedges. 

The Men's Wear collection began with a bang as the first model strutted down the runway shirtless, showing off his tanned, built body. (For a moment there, the audience (including myself) probably didn't even notice what he was wearing ;p) The collection showcased a preppy + street style pairing, mixing knit sweaters and berets with edgy sneakers. Bright-colored tops and bottoms stood out, and color blocking was the main highlight of the collection. Stripes and plaid were present as well. They ended with a formal/corporate + casual color fusion, with models wearing a basic bright undershirt (usually a V-neck) with a suit and leather shoes. 

Women's wear started off with long and flowy dresses in muted colors (white and beige), as well as earth tones. Jump suits, Greek-inspired dresses, maxi skirts, blazers, high-waist and harem pants were highlighted. Printed rompers, tribal prints, and summer dresses were also featured. Similar to the men's wear, color blocking was the favorite. Loud and bright color pairing caught everyone's eye. Rich colors of pink, green, purple, aqua, orange, blue and maroon filled the room. It was a beautiful sight. 

The show definitely deserved an applause. I loved the designs, and I left that room excited to get my hands on a piece of those collections. Overall, the entire experience was pure enjoyment. My first taste of Philippine Fashion Week was really very memorable. It was an event that made me fall in love with the art of fashion all over again. I met new people  and saw friends who have a like-mind and love for fashion as I do. I was very thankful to simply be there.

With my new friends from SOFA :)

I definitely look forward to watching other shows next time, and to making an appearance in next year's affair. Oh, I and I highly encourage you all to check out SM's new collection. You're sure to love it. I know I did! ;)

♥ Cooky


pepa said...

Lovely photos
Love it!!!

Visit my new blog :)


Kisses from pepa :X

Cooks and Tin said...

Thanks so much Pepa! I'm glad you're enjoying our blog! :) I'll check out your new one too! :D

<3 Cooks

Rose Mode said...

OMG you are so lucky, I envy you. And this european model is just gorgeous =)

Cooks and Tin said...

Isn't he?? Hihihi :>

Oh, and for next year's PFW, I'm going to sign up to be a volunteer (I heard you can do that :D) to maybe help out backstage and work with the models :) Maybe you can too!

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