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19 Jun 2011

What I'm Lovin Now: Schu

So I was in Shangri-la Mall looking for cargo pants for a dance costume which was honestly, not very exciting :/ I wasn't crazy about spending probably 1k or more on a pair of pants I knew I would not really use after our performance. And they weren't exactly easy to find. A lot of shops didn't carry them anymore, and if they had stock, they were very limited. Mostly skinnies. Eventually I decided to give up, and just head back. But thank the heavens, because I decided to take one more turn around the shops, and came across a sign which had my favorite word on it: SALE. I looked up to see what store I was standing in front of, and I jumped for joy when I realized it was Schu! :)

I've always loved the brand. I never fail to check out their items whenever I come across one of their branches. I admit I find their prices quite on the upper scale, so I'd basically just window shop or try to save up some money to go back for something I like. But this time, I could NOT say no. Why? Because in this moving out sale, everything was for PhP 799 and below!! I died just a little then :))

In cases of shopping emergencies such as this, it's always great to have a credit card on stand by :D You never know when you're going to need it. Haha.

After looking around for a bit, my eye caught these brown and black heels with leopard straps as an accent. As a lover of animal print, I knew I had to get them. Since I'm also into more bold or flashy colors now, I also decided to get these gold loafers which I knew my sister and I could share :) My happiness for my finds grew when the saleslady told me that the original prices of the shoes were about PhP 3,000 +! What awesome buys! I was extremely glad I didn't miss out on this! :D

(Took shots of the shoes boxes and packaging as well because I think they're just so pretty. Perfect for gifts! You can just give them straight in the box! :D)

Today I felt like putting together an outfit that featured color blocking (which I've been wanting to try), and I paired them with the nice new heels I got :) Happy with the turn out!

Looking forward to styling an outfit with my gold loafers. Really glad I got these two pairs. Happiness is indeed spelled S.A.L.E! Hopefully I'll bump into one again soon! Til then!

♥ Cooky


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