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1 Jun 2011

Bloggers' United Bazaar

This event was created to bring the community of fashion bloggers (fashion lovers and fashionistas also) together. Famous fashion bloggers would be there to sell pieces from their closet. It was also initiated to raise social awareness and to give back to children who needed school supplies and financial aid for their education. This is quite an ingenious idea if you ask me... bringing blogging and bloggers to life to bring people together for a cause.

Blogging has truly become a powerful tool to influence the way people think, what they like, how they want to look, and what they want to spend on. It has seen a real boom in the online sphere, and it seems that bloggers who have really made a name for themselves have in some way, achieved celebrity status. Proof? I saw several shoppers go up to famous bloggers asking for a picture with them :P I couldn't blame them, these bloggers were all dolled up and looking glamorous even if they had already been at the venue very early in the morning, playing sales lady for the items they were selling. Hands down to them.

The event took place at The Lounge in Malayan Plaza Hotel in Ortigas. Upon entering the hotel lobby, I immediately saw people all dressed up, with bags and bags of buys. For sure they had come from the bazaar. Seeing the smiles on their faces made me excited to go up and get my hands on some good finds. ;)

The placed was packed. There was a first floor, and an upper floor. So many people had showed up. Even if the day hadn't ended yet, I could already tell that it was a success.

I went with my friend, Tippi, who's a student of the School of Fashion and the Arts (SOFA). A lot of the bloggers go there as well, so I was happy that I got to meet some of them :) I bumped into several people I knew as well. It was nice seeing familiar faces and making new friends.

I heard that all the really good stuff had already been taken in the morning (I went late afternoon already, bummer.) The items had gone FAST, and I mean real fast. My friend, Kryz Uy, a very famous fashion blogger had tweeted at around 1pm that half of her items had already been sold. And the event was still going to end at 8pm! I was still, however, able to get me some good stuff. I left there with a nice dark purple blazer, a nautical midi skirt, a multi-colored skort, and two rings. All of this for PhP 700. Not bad :)

It wasn't so much because of what I was able to score that made the event fun. It was really being part of the community there, meeting and greeting. And of course, it's always a joy for me to be around fashionistas. Dressing up is always fun ;)

I hope there could be a part 2 of this. Next time, I'm going earlier. Haha. Congratulations to 

all the bloggers who put this together, and to Melai Entuna who spearheaded the event!
(Credit to Tippi Sy for some of the pictures :D)

First Floor

Had the chance to meet Patricia Prieto :)

With my friend, Tippi

Bumped into our friend, Dani

Second Floor

With the Plump Pinay Twins and F21 Ambassadors, Stacy and Danah Gutierrez

Bumped into another friend, Bixie!

And we made new friends! (They asked us to bend here, so forgive the awkward position. Haha.)

♥ Cooky


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