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23 Jun 2011

Fashion In Trend: Online Shopping

Lately I've been on house arrest since my body physically expressed its need to rest. In short, I've needed to stop moving and moving (which I must say, is hard for me) and just stay at home, take it easy, and recuperate. Well, since I've been home, what better way is there to entertain myself than to go online. And since I've been itching to shop, my only resort was to go online shopping. These days, that isn't so hard to do.

I've received friend requests, and have likewise added, quite a handful of online shops on Facebook already, ranging from Korean apparel stores, 2nd hand shops, jewelry makers, and so on. But what's recently caught my eye (and I mean REALLY caught my eye) are the online shoe shops. I don't know.... there's just something about gorgeous shoes that make me go bananas. O.O

BUT since I don't have all the money in the world (because yes, the world doesn't work that way), and I'm still waiting for heaven to send me a job offer so I can start earning, I've had to reside to making this shoe wish list. These are styles, colors and designs I've found on various online shops, that I absolutely adore (and secretly wish I could bippity boppity boo into my shoe closet).

Royalty Heels

Fancieta Shop

Fancieta Shop

Van Ity Online Shop

Van Ity Online Shop
Van Ity Online Shop
Prices for these babies usually range from PhP 1,500-2,000. Not bad. Only bother is that there's an extra charge for the shipping fee. :/

I'm loving nude colors, as well as bright colors on wedges and heels. Such beautiful creatures. Don't you agree?

Oh, and I forgot to mention.... as much as I'd love to buy all these pairs, there's a minor (well actually BIG) problem that always gets me depressed. Shoe sizes. Yes, with my not-very-Asian height, I'm always on the hunt for size 9's and 10's, which are not always, in fact rarely available. So many times I've found the perfect pair of shoes, only to be devastated that they didn't have it my size. Oh the misery. So yes, you can imagine my joy when I actually do find one that fits perfectly! :)

So for now, I will just admire from a far... or in this case, from the screen. But I promise, the day I actually get a good pair delivered to me, I will most definitely share my joy will ya'll ;) Keep shoe lovin!

♥ Cooky


Deb Victa said...


Haha the owner of Fancieta is my friend :) She goes to CCF Alabang :)

Cooks and Tin said...

Really?? Can you introduce me?? Hahaha :)) I love her stuff! <3

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